USA and some Canadian Orders Ship From United States.

Frequently Asked Question

Is DEX legal in my country?

As far as we know, DEX is legal everywhere. We ship through customs the world over.

Does it have side effects?

Generally there are no negative results if taken as directed, however if you experience lightheadedness, complications, a pounding center ,nausea or any other unwanted response, quit taking right away and seek advice from with your doctor. DEX should not be taken by anybody who is hypersensitive to caffeinated drinks or any of the other substances, expecting or breast feeding moms, or anyone with any wellness issues, center disease or on medication. These are on the market to people only (over 18).

Is their any concerns?

We do not suggest preparing with alcoholic beverages, or any other medication. Take in control and never go over the suggested day-to-day serving. Do not ignore the highly effective results. First time users should not take more than 100mg (1/10th of packet). Do not use excessively and always take in control.

How long does it take to get my order?

We now ship all United States and Canada orders from our office in Denver, CO USA! Fast same day shipping so you receive your order in 2 - 4 days! *

Many other countries as well will ship from the US. Otherwise we ship from New Zealand. When shipped from New Zealand, via express airmail, delivery will generally take 6-14 days to arrive. New Zealand customers will receive their packages the next day.

How do I pay?

We accept bank transfer to our business checking account, or remittance by Western Union or Walmart MoneyGram.

Are they guaranteed?

Yes, we are so happy with our formulations that we offer a full 100% guarantee of your purchase price (less shipping/handling), on any number of unopened packs and up to 1 open pack even if its completely empty.

Contact us for return information if needed.

I love this stuff. No matter how worn out I am from work or even partying this always gets me back on my game. Chicks dig it more when you are full of energy and that is one thing this stuff does is it gets you amped.
- Ramon


I'm ordering more and getting the 6 grams this time. Really loving this and Vanessa who helped me on the phone was the best. Thanks much.